Religious group travel

20 Top Pilgrimage Sites in Europe

May 22, 2018

Every year millions of people travel to see the Vatican. But Rome is not the end-all for religious tourism. Dozens of religiously significant cities and sacred shrines dot [...]

Savannah’s History & Spiritual Side

January 22, 2015

Savannah’s historic neighborhoods are famous around the world, featuring more than 45 historic inns, more than eight styles of architecture and more than 50 tour companies [...]

Hidden Architectural Gems of Russia

September 23, 2014

By now most people are aware of the dazzling religious sites of Western Europe. However, many may not know about the plethora of religious architectural wonders that await in [...]

San Diego Attracts Faith Groups

August 21, 2014

San Diego is rich in history and culture, evident in its dramatic architecture, classical Spanish missions and diverse population. Boasting beautiful weather year-round, this [...]
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