Selling Travel Programs to Different Denominations

By: Cindi Brodhecker

The Faith based travel market is drawing attention from every sector of the travel industry.  This is not news, but it does give you pause to think—how can we serve this market better?

One of the key factors in reaching and capturing this profitable and rewarding group of travelers is to know your travelers interest and preference.  Again nothing new because we strive to do this with every travel group we work with.  The question is how can we know this market and know who and what they want.

Faith based travelers are unique in that different denominations have requests and views of how they want to travel.
Study the denominational churches. Did you know there are approximately 38,000 Christian denominations in the world?  This statistic takes into consideration cultural distinctions of denominations in different countries.
Let’s see the definition of denomination, a Christian denomination is an identifiable religious body under a common name, structure, and doctrine within Christianity.  The name and structure of a denomination does not offer any importance when looking at the travel needs but doctrine is a key factor.

  • Do they want daily mass or service?
  • Will they want wine service with meals?
  • Do they have dietary restrictions?
  • Is reformation history important?
  • Do they want to visit cathedrals or cave churches of their ancestors?
  • Will shrines be a highlight?
  • Will they enjoy casino trips or evening of dancing?
  • Is the day of worship Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

If you know these answers before talking and planning a potential tour, you will have them feeling confident from the beginning of your working relationship—impressed that you took the time to understand what is important to them.

  • Travel is not only to go and see the sites but to inspire, challenge, refresh and renew
  • Travel is an opportunity to meet people and touch lives with a positive imprint
  • Travel is education out of the classroom and into the world of diverse cultures
  • Travel builds compassion and understanding of different people and their religious
  • Travel promotes tolerance
  • Travel builds our FAITH
  • Travel enhances FELLOWSHIP
  • Travel is FUNDRAISING away from the dinners, golf tournaments and phone solicitations

The world is a wonderful blend of religious beliefs. Understanding is the key that will open many doors and allow us to have friends and business partners who have great differences in what they believe but great compassion and respect will follow.

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