Relive the Reformation on Collette’s Martin Luther Tour

Walk in Martin Luther’s shoes and experience an essential piece of Reformation history on Collette’s “On the Trail of Martin Luther.”

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2016 kicks off a celebration that culminates with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows your group to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther and connect with the places he lived, studied, worked and preached. Collette will handle all the details as you embark on an epic journey across Germany and deep into the history of Lutheranism.

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A Glimpse of the 2016 Tour

Join Collette’s On the Trail of Martin Luther tour and be swept through time, taking in all the beauty, philosophy and historic sites Germany has to offer. Begin in Mainz, home to the Gutenberg Museum and Gutenberg’s famous 42-line, printed Bible.

A Luther bible in the library of the Francke Foundations in Halle (Saale) - Harald Krieg IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

On a guided walking tour, come to know the city of Worms and the very spot where Martin Luther refused to recant before the Imperial Diet (Assembly). Take a moment at the cathedral where Luther presented his case, see Trinity Church and visit monuments dedicated to Luther and other important Reformation figures.

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Visit Wartburg Castle, Luther’s sanctuary after being “outlawed.” Here he spent his time translating the Bible into German. Step into what is now “Luther’s Room,where he lived during the many months he spent at the castle. Enjoy a musical performance played on medieval instruments inside a museum dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. Discover Leipzig’s St. Thomas Cathedral.

Visit Eisleben, the site of Luther’s birth and death. Delve into his life as you explore the museum inside the home where he was born; St. Peter and Paul Church, where he was baptized; and St. Andrews Church, where he delivered his final sermons.

Luther House, Wittenberg #3

Travel to Wittenberg to visit the grounds of Wittenberg University, where Luther served as a theology professor, and Luther House, his family home that today houses his writings and other artifacts from the Reformation.  Continue from the grounds to the oldest structure in the city, St. Mary’s Church, where Luther preached, was married and where his children were baptized. See Castle Church, the location where the famous 95 Theses were posted, launching the Reformation. You’ll have time to explore or to reflect at Luther’s tomb, then it is on to discover the Renaissance-style home of Philipp Melanchthon, Luther’s scholarly confidant who aided him significantly in communicating his revolutionary theology.

Next, you are in for a special treat! Join a local family in their home to sip coffee and discuss life in Germany, both today and during Communist times. There will be pre-arranged church services in the Augustine Monastery in Erfurt and in a Luther church in Wittenberg.

Spend two nights in the charming old town of Dresden along the banks of River Elbe. Enjoy unique dinners such as a cellar dinner and a brewery tour, where you sample beers before a typical German meal.

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Trip Tips

  • Bring a copy of your passport/identification and pack it separately from the original.
  • Bring a camera, memory cards, film, and batteries and be sure to bring enough photography supplies for your entire trip. If you have a video camera, bring an extra battery, plus proper recharging equipment.
  • Avoid over packing and leave room for souvenirs that you plan to take back home.
  • Dress casually be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes! When visiting churches and religious sites, please observe a conservative style of dress (i.e. no shorts or short skirts/dresses and no sleeveless shirts).
  • Due to varied flight schedules and different arrival times of our tour guests, your tour will not have any scheduled activities prior to dinner on Day 1. Should your flight schedule allow for an earlier arrival time that day, enjoy the great opportunity for some independent exploration in Mainz, Germany. Stroll along the Rhine and sample local wines in a half-timbered Altstadt tavern. You can also see Dom, Chagall’s ethereal windows in St-Stephan-Kirche and the 1,000-year-old Mainz Cathedral. Mainz’s Old Town, its city center, is the pride and joy of the city scene.

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You’re Invited to the FAM Tour

  • 9-Day Tour
  • November 4-12, 2015
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