Plan a Religious Gathering in Lincoln, Nebraska

A convenient location, welcoming environment and dedicated team of professionals are just some of the reasons Lincoln, Nebraska is a top spot for religious events.

Organizing a religious event is no easy task. There are several factors planners must consider, including budget, facilities, activities, and, most important, location. It can be difficult to find a place that provides everything a religious event needs, but Lincoln, Nebraska delivers on all levels. With a convenient central location, competitive affordability, Midwest hospitality and a team eager to help, Lincoln is one of the best places to host a religious event.

Lincoln’s Religious Coalition

Lincoln, Nebraska has grown into a leading destination for religious events thanks in large part to the services and support it provides spiritual groups. Back in 2010, the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau formed the Religious Advisory Council, comprised of meeting planners within the faith-based community who work with religious groups all over the country, as well as the local churches in the city to offer guidance and assistance on religious events. The committee focuses on connecting individuals in religious communities with each other and the city of Lincoln to discuss events, plan for future gatherings, and brainstorm new ideas to grow Lincoln’s spiritual community.

Understanding there are many elements to faith-based events, the Lincoln CVB also created a subdivision of the committee that focuses on female-led gatherings called Women in Ministry. The ministry has formed strong personal relationships with congregations throughout Lincoln, impacting several church’s women-focused events. They’ve helped coordinate everything from evening speakers to weekend brunches to Mercy City Church’s Pioneer Women’s Conference. These events have brought women together from various religious backgrounds to discover new practices and beliefs, helping them grow in their walk of faith.

Pioneer Conference - Lincoln, NE

Pioneer Conference – Lincoln, NE

Services for Religious Events

The coalition and its many branches have been a huge asset in not only reaching out to spiritual organizations to host events in the city, but also promoting the local church events. When Dr. David Jeremiah came to Lincoln to speak, members of the coalition shared promotional materials to their own congregations, as well as with affiliated churches in other regions and states. With the assistance of these extra voices, attendance to Dr. Jeremiah’s talks far exceeded expectations and resulted in far more attendees registering who may have never heard of the event otherwise. This is the kind of passion and power religious events will have behind them when they choose Lincoln, Nebraska.

In addition to strong promotion, the coalition also aids religious groups in the everyday details of event planning. Many faith-based event organizers have requested assistance selecting a location for their conferences or meetings. The Lincoln CVB works with the coalition to find venues that work for each event’s budget, size and purpose. Often times, members of the coalition will offer their own facilities, even if the message of the event differs from that congregation’s own.

A Shared Goal

In Lincoln, there is a strong sense of community and a desire to bring faith-based groups together in a variety of ways to form tighter bonds and address problems of each spiritual group. In fact, during the coalition’s quarterly meetings, a range of issues facing each church group were discussed so often that the city decided to create regional conferences to address some of these shared concerns.

One issue for example, was the concern for security at church services and sanctuaries. The coalition organized a conference surrounding this shared anxiety and debated possible solutions for each house of worship. The conference brought together pastors, heads of security and members of congregations from around Nebraska and other states to actively engage with each other and share ideas to improve the problem.

Lincoln’s Welcoming Atmosphere and Convenient Location

Lincoln Haymarket District

Lincoln Haymarket District

Lincoln is a thriving city, filled with enthusiasm and energy. Its growing cityscape and booming business scene allow Lincoln to provide a range of amenities for religious groups, while its charm and modesty make everyone feel welcome. Lincoln is brimming with culture and attractions—from museums and historical sites to antique shopping and art galleries. There’s an endless array of activities to keep attendees entertained throughout their visit.

Another selling point is how easy Lincoln is to get to. It’s a day’s drive from major cities including Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago. The Lincoln Airport is served by many commercial airlines, offering direct or connecting service to and from dozens of metropolitan hubs.

The Lincoln CVB and the coalition provide unparalleled service and assistance for groups planning religious events in Lincoln. Throw in the city’s central location and hospitable community, and Lincoln is the obvious choice for your future faith-based event.