Meal-Planning Tips for Tour Planners

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Below are some food and drink pointers that beef up the advice given in guide’s Hotels & Meals section:

  • What meals will be included in the tour price?  Mark your brochure or final details with B,L,D at the end of each day.
  • Will breakfast be continental or full? This is also a consideration on timing to start your day.
  • Will lunch be on your own or with the group? Lunch on-own is generally preferred unless it’s a special occasion. Lunch included can be full meals and end up being too much food for the day—far better than comments about small food portions but still a situation to be aware of.
  •  Will dinner be served plated or buffet-style? Buffet style every night is less than preferred, especially in hotel dining rooms.  If you are staying at the hotel for three, four or more nights, the choices are minimal.
  • Large groups can cause logistical challenges with some restaurants, especially if meal choices are involved.
  • Ask in advance if any tour members have dietary restrictions or allergies so they can be accommodated. This can be included in the reservation form.
  • In line with the dietary standards of your faith, be sure restaurants know your preferences regarding meats to be served. Advance planning is key to having the dietary needs of your group met.
  • Will wine or other alcoholic beverages be served? If so, limits must be set. If your group does not approve of alcoholic beverages, this too must be conveyed in advance.