Kosher Travel for Jewish Groups

Jewish groups encounter many particular concerns while traveling, particularly those that observe Kosher. Although most major cities reliably provide the services a group of Jewish religious travelers requires, more obscure destinations may not. As a consequence, during travel observation of Kosher or Shabbat may become problematic. It’s important to consider these difficulties while planning a trip for a Jewish group.

Groups may travel to destinations such as Charleston, South Carolina, to experience a smaller city hospitable to Jewish travel. The city has a long Jewish history; Jews have lived in Charleston since the colonial era, when South Carolina’s tolerant policies attracted them to the City, and Charleston has the United States’ second oldest synagogue—Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim. This congregation, founded in 1749, also became the first Reform congregation in the United States in 1841.

Those wishing to travel further abroad may investigate organizations such as Kosher Expeditions, a company which arranges Kosher tours all over the world. Kosher Expeditions constantly inspects sites to ensure that local food is prepared Kosher. If a site fails to meet standards, Kosher Expeditions will have ingredients shipped in from Glatt standard kitchens and prepare food for your group. The company also provides custom itineraries and services for group travelers. Kosher Expeditions destinations have included Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, Peru, and South Africa.