GoWay Tours, Your Travel Planning Partner

GoWay was founded in 1970. It handles independent and group travel as well as customized trips to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, the South Seas, and other exotic locales.

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What does a vacation need to be a success? The perfect destination is good, and finding a deal is great. But what you really need is the right partner in your travels. The same goes for group travel planning – finding the right partner can be the difference between a successful mission and a time-stealing fiasco.

If you’re searching for a helping hand in planning long-haul group travel, may we suggest GoWay Tours as a resource? They’re an experienced and acclaimed group, with offices throughout North America and Australia. And they may be able to help you turn a complicated travel plan into a memorable group experience.

Introducing GoWay Travel

Faith Based Tours

Faith Based Tours

GoWay was founded in 1970. It handles independent and group travel as well as customized trips to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, the South Seas, and other exotic locales. It also covers adventure travel and specialized group travels (senior travel, sports travel, etc.) GoWay staff receive intensive training and are sent to experience the destinations for themselves, making them experts both as professionals and as tourists.

Not only does GoWay have a long history, it has fully-licensed offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Vancouver. They are accredited members of USTOA and they contribute to the consumer compensation funds for their respective countries. In fact, GoWay is one of the largest travel agencies in North America.

GoWay is also a top supplier for many airways. As such, they can often secure better deals on air travel tickets than smaller agencies. They are also very knowledgeable in travel routing, opening up possibilities for unique flights and flights combinations. (GoWay has a dedicated air travel brand called GoWayAir. Other GoWay brands include Islands Escapes by GoWay, Holidays of a Lifetime, GroupsOnly, Special Events, Middle East and Africa Experts, Asia by GoWay, Latin America by GoWay, Adventures Incorporated, GoWay Getaways and Destinations Down Under.)

GroupsOnly: GoWay’s Group Travel Experts

Groups of All Sizes

Groups of All Sizes

GroupsOnly is the branch of GoWay that handles group travel, and only group travel. Their motto: no group is too big, too small or too unusual! By using GroupsOnly, planners can leverage great deals with airlines, hotels and other vendors; they can also get special travel concessions (such as a free trip). Groups that have traveled with GroupsOnly include shopping, weddings, religious, school, choir, food and wine, photography, golf, art, medical and corporate.

GroupsOnly offers 43 years of tour planning experience, well-versed tour managers, group pricing commission (i.e. 1 free when you book 15, or similar), an itinerary research service, help with promotion and advertising, assistance with documentation and other perks.

What kind of trips does GoWay Book?

GroupsOnly’s staff knows that each travel experience is unique, and every group has its own special requirements. They can customize a travel experience based on the budget, interests and the scheduling availabilities of your group. They can even arrange private tours for groups as small as one family traveling together.

What kind of tours are we talking about here? GoWay’s website gives the following sample itineraries to help you visualize the kind of travels they can craft.

Wildlife Nature Tours

Wildlife Nature Tours

  • For Adventurous Souls: A 21-Day Trip to Explore Antarctica. For decades, Antarctica was off-limits to the majority of travelers. Even today, few are willing to brave the long flights and icy ocean voyages that it takes to reach this mysterious continent. On a sample itinerary, guests depart from a North American city and fly overnight Buenos Aires. The following day they fly to Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego and enjoy a guided tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park and a traditional Argentinian lunch. From there they embark by sea to the Falkland Islands and later to South Georgia. From South Georgia, it’s a two-day sea crossing filled with educational presentations and artistic classes. After spending three days in guided explorations of the Antarctic, guests return via the Drake Passage and then retrace their steps from Argentina to North America.
  • For Those Who Want to Change The World: A Voluntourism Trip to Fiji. Guests arrive by air in Nadi, Fiji, where they are greeted by a GoWay travel representative and given a warm welcome and detailed description of their upcoming project. In the sample itinerary on the website, travelers spend four to five days building homes in an underprivileged community. Interspersed with free days are visits to schools and orphanages. Each day offers chance to enjoy Fijian culture food and to interact with local people.
  • For a Group of Shutterbugs: A Photo Tour of Africa. The African continent provides landscapes animals, and plants that are wholly distinctive. For this excursion, guests fly into Johannesburg and are met by a representative of GoWay, who will assist them to their flight to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. At Mpumalanga, another GoWay agent will oversee their transfer to the Bush Lodge at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. After meeting the game rangers and trackers, guests can go on safari in open Land Rovers, participate in walking tours, or both. During their stay, they can photograph and learn about the birds and animals that call the African bushveld home. After several days at Bush Lodge, guests are flown to Cape Town, where they stay at a four-star hotel on the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. From this comfy spot, they can explore Cape Town’s culture, history and surroundings. After a few days, it’s on to Namibia, to relax at the luxury accommodations in Opuwo Country Lodge.

Finding the right group tour planning partner can be everything. GoWay’s years of experience, deep contacts within the industry, and flexibility in planning unique experiences for groups of any size make them an ideal resource for exotic and adventurous travels.