Fathom Cruises with a Purpose

New adventures in the Caribbean provide opportunities to meet the people and lend a helping hand.

Fathom is a new company that combines your love of travel with your desire to make a difference. On a trip with Fathom, travelers serve alongside community partners in the Dominican Republic to tackle environmental, educational and economic development needs; in Cuba, we intend to enable travelers to participate in cultural immersion. We are the 10th brand and a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest travel company.

iStock_000021576289_LargeOur first destination is the Dominican Republic, where we will begin sailing in April 2016, and our intention is to begin sailing to Cuba in May 2016, subject to approval from the Cuban government which we are optimistic about receiving very soon.

Fathom journeys will start with one to two days at sea preparing hearts and minds for the on-ground experience, including a wide variety of fun and engaging impact-readiness experiences, including an orientation to the Dominican Republic or Cuba, conversational Spanish lessons, impact activity training and creative workshops.

We have the perfect vessel for our travelers: the MV Adonia. It is an intimate ship (710 passengers), ideal for bonding with fellow passengers as well as for finding space for quiet self-reflection. It is our impact playground and academy. Start the day with yoga on the lido deck as the sun rises and end the day with a delicious Dominican or Cuban-inspired, chef-prepared meal shared with fellow travelers as the sun sets. While en route to your destination, you will learn about and experience Dominican and Cuban art, music and history as we sail to these countries. Adonia offers our travelers a safe, comfortable and convenient venue. We want our travelers to feel nurtured and secure, so they will be at their best as they tackle community challenges and needs.

Once on-ground, Fathom travelers choose from a variety of social impact activities, including a wide range of projects focused on education, environment and economic development. Depending on each traveler’s passions and skills, they can spend up to three days working alongside locals and Fathom partner organizations on the causes the traveler really cares about. Activities vary, including things for people who want to be physically active, as well as things for those who prefer a less physically demanding volunteer opportunity. All travelers will be able to find a great fit.

Adonia_External_5For example, travelers can work with a women’s cooperative to plant and harvest cacao fields and produce chocolate, helping these women get to a scale where they can hire more workers and support more families on their own; help kids in schools improve their conversational English, better preparing them for broader career opportunities; work with small business owners to improve their marketing and operations to attract foreign consumers and ensure the livelihoods of future generations; make clay water filters that improve the health of families who lack clean drinking water (more than two million Dominicans do not have access to piped water). A significant portion of each ticket price contributes funds to the partner organizations to cover expenses, supplies, personnel and general operations. Fathom has also invested start-up capital with the partner organizations to establish improved operating models and facilities capacity.

There is also time to explore the beauty of this country and learn more about Dominicans by visiting historic cities, markets and museums, hiking to a waterfall or surfing incredible waves.

In Cuba, we will offer comprehensive itineraries that enable deep insight into Cuban culture, history and architecture that are inspirational and engaging – and also comply with all legal regulations. Fathom is developing an exciting program of activities that highlight the beauty and historical significance of our three ports of call: Havana, Santiago and Cienfuegos.

The trip will be magical – offering a glimpse into another time and a very special place – and hence is a very different experience from other cruises in the Caribbean.

Return home knowing that you are now part of a tribe of travelers dedicated to making the world a better place in a sustainable way. And that you touched the lives of those you spent time with.

Footprints in the sand are fleeting. Traveling with Fathom leaves an impact that lasts.

What exactly is unique about Fathom?

We have pioneered a new category of travel, focused on making a positive impact on the world, while having fun. What makes us unique from mission trips or volunteerism is:

  • Our long-term, collaborative approach with partners in the countries we visit. These are people and organizations who have worked for years to make their communities a better place and we have learned from them how we can best augment their results; and we will do this by traveling to set locations on a regular basis. By bringing 700 passengers to work 3 days a week we have the potential to offer 2,000 traveler impact days per week to the communities we visit.
  • Our sincere belief that the person-to-person connection is among the strongest catalysts for transformation.
  • Being unabashed about our desire to make money while doing good. We know we need to create sustainable revenue for social impact to thrive. Philanthropic gifts aren’t enough, and they aren’t predictable. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, we have access to the technical, maritime and operational expertise required for operating excellence, while retaining a differentiated product experience team committed to building something the world has never seen. Our unique business model pairs market demand with social needs, which allows for sustained impact and lasting development.
  • Our belief that travel can and should be restorative and fun, but can also make a difference for good. Many people long to make a difference in the world but have no idea where to begin. We will provide nourishing opportunities to be immersed in another culture and community, to make relevant, lasting contributions.

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