Explore the Holy Land with Olive Tree Tours

Olive Tree Tours provides faith-based groups an affordably priced opportunity to tour the Holy Land and other Christian sites


Groups seeking a once-in-a-lifetime faith-based trip should look no further than Olive Tree Tours, a premier travel agency managing affordable private and small group tours in the land of Israel.

Family-Owned and Christian

Olive Tree Tours is a Christian company in the Holy Land with an office in the United States. This family-owned tour company specializes in religious pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other Christian shrines around the world. Founded to provide a spiritual and affordable faith-based travel experience to Christians around the world, Olive Tree prides itself in providing the best services for its pilgrims and carefully picks its programs to include the best sites the Holy Land has to offer. On top of that, they choose the best local tour guides, five-star Christian family-owned hotels and deluxe transportation throughout their itineraries.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Olive Tree Tours stands out from competing tour services because of the personalized comforts it provides that are paired with affordable prices for religious travel groups. They promise to give groups flexibility in terms of options and groups can decide how the tour will best work for them by choosing their times, budgets, interests and other personal requests. The company offers competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of the tours. Their programs allow you to set your own budget and personalize your trip in a way that will enhance your journey.

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Tour guides can sometimes make or break a tour. With Olive Tree Tours, all guides are local Christians and their in-depth knowledge of the area they are touring will awe groups with religious history and insight many other tours cannot offer.

Christian Sites for an Affordable Price

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Regardless of whether your group has a day trip planned or is scheduling a weeklong pilgrimage, Olive Tree Tours can assist you in visiting some of Christianity’s most famous places. Some of their tours include journeys to such holy settings as Nazareth, the Dead Sea, Mount Zion, Bethlehem, and more. The company also creates customized tours that visit France, Portugal, Lourdes, Spain, Greece, the Middle East and more.

Petra, Jordan

Petra (one of the seven wonders in the World) in Jordan

Olive Tree Tours provides some of the greatest itineraries in all of the Holy Land and Europe. These planned routes take groups on memorable journeys that can be personalized for the enjoyment of the group. They also have specialized tours including Daily Tours that primarily consist of many Israel and Jordan locations and Three in One Tours that will bring your group to three different countries in just one tour.

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

One such tour: The Holy Land and Rome, will take you to such lovely locales as Cana of Galilee: the location that witnessed the first miracle of Jesus Christ. The tour will also take your group on a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee before continuing to the River Jordan where worshippers can renew their baptismal vows. Other highlights of this tour include an orientation tour through the New City of Jerusalem, a visit to Bethlehem for a detailed observance of the Basilica of the Nativity. This tour also includes a journey to the Old City of Jerusalem where Christian groups will be amazed by a detailed visit to the Holy Tomb before heading to the majestic city of Rome.



In Rome, groups will visit St. Peter’s Square to participate in the traditional Papal audience. Other activities on this tour include a visit the Vatican Museums, Pigna Square, the Galleries of Roman Busts, the Candelabra, the Tapestries and the World Map Gallery. The Sistine Chapel and the interiors of the Basilica of St. Peter are among other highlights your group will experience in Rome. Naturally, any trip to Rome would be incomplete without a visit to the Colosseum. Your tour guide will not only take you to the Colosseum, they will also bring your group to visit the famous Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Square.

Supporting Christianity Worldwide

The Olive Tree family is committed to supporting its local Christian community in the Holy Land through its pilgrimages. By supporting the local Christian shops, restaurants and hotels with its patronage, Olive Tree provides much-needed income to local Christian families and helps them to preserve Christianity in the Holy Land. Olive Tree’s support through hand-picked pilgrimages help Christians remain in Bethlehem and Jerusalem; protecting holy sites for generations to come.

Olive Tree Tours is a reliable, affordable, quality company that provides tour groups with a large range of options and customizations for their outings. For those interested in taking a tour to the Holy Land or Europe to see beautiful sights and sacred locations, Olive Tree Tours will make your tour a memorable one.