Discover the spiritual path in Lincoln, Nebraska

A great destination for religious groups, follow the path of Jesus in charming Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska

First Plymouth First Plymouth

Ranked as one of the best cities to live in America, Lincoln, Nebraska boasts many things charming and wonderful. Rich in history along with arts and culture, this capital city also affords numerous shopping, dining and recreational options. Especially appealing in Lincoln are its several churches and places of worship that are rooted in tradition. Lincoln is a place where you can discover the joy of spirituality with your religious group.

Destinations Coffee House

Begin your day in Lincoln with a hot cup of coffee at Destinations Coffee house, situated just north of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln city campus. Once an auto shop, this renovated coffee house is a gathering spot for members of the community and church. Enjoy conversations about the path of Jesus over a cappuccino or chai and connect with like-minded people who are on their own religious journey. The coffee shop also hosts worship nights where different groups from and around Lincoln come together in prayer.

destinations 2

Destinations Coffee House

International Quilt Museum

After some refreshments and reflection, make the International Quilt Museum the next stop on your religious tour. With three exhibition galleries, the museum was built using private funding received through the University of Nebraska Foundation including a gift from the family of native Nebraskans, Ardis and Robert James. Showcasing a collection of quilts from over 50 countries, see handmade masterpieces sourced from Central Asia, France and Southwest China. Some quilts represent medieval imagery inspired by the Book of Kells with religious motifs and significance. Take a behind-the-scenes tour at the museum featuring the conservation of religious pieces, among others.

International Quilt Museum

International Quilt Museum

First Plymouth Church

Make your way to the First Plymouth Church, located in the Mount Emerald Historic district of Lincoln, where the mission is to increase the love of God and our neighbor. A historical church with its beginnings dating back to 1931, the building is an architectural masterpiece inspired by the basilica churches and Greek forum. It also reflects the openness of the Nebraskan prairieland and incorporates native colors that are old rose and tawny gold along with red brick in five shades in its façade. Having undergone restoration and renovation work over the years, the standout feature of the church is the 171-foot tall, 16-sided Carillon Tower. With bells ranging in size from the largest of 4,592 pounds to the smallest of 130 pounds, the four corners of the tower display sculpted figures of the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with Gospel symbols including the winged man, the winged lion, the winged ox and the eagle.

First Plymouth

First Plymouth Church Rose Window

On the church grounds are three unique stones, the Martin Luther Stone, Pilgrim Stone and Bethlehem Stone that commemorate the religious heritage of the church. The main courtyard has an outdoor pulpit for open-air services while the Chapel Courtyard was redesigned as a memorial garden in 1990 with columbarium niches. Also visible are glazed tiles depicting ancient Christian symbols including the fish, open book with the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, the Christmas rose, the Star of David, the dove, the pomegranate and several crosses. Additionally, other prominent objects of faith at the church is a copper Lord’s Prayer sculpture along with a Biblical Timeline mural. For a guided tour for your religious group, contact Krista Rickman at 402.476.7565.

Sheridan Lutheran Church

Loving deeply and sharing abundantly is what Sheridan Lutheran Church prides itself in. More than 50 years old, the church offers worship opportunities for all. On the church grounds are the Memorial Labyrinth, the Sheridan Columbarium and Outdoor Worship Center and 15 handmade Stations of the Cross, Along with attending midweek and weekend worship, request for a guided tour to learn more about the history of the church. For a guided tour for your religious group, contact Kathy Paisley, Deacon at 402.423.4769 (ext. 107).

Sheridan Lutheran

Sheridan Lutheran

Trinity United Methodist Church

A spiritually thriving and socially progressive church, Trinity United Methodist Church has a main worship space called the Spirit Hall where Sunday services are held. With one being more contemporary and the other being more blended, a choir and hand bells accompany the preaching. The church has a Communion on the first Sunday of the month. Also offered at the church is Trinity Child Care that provides quality care for infants and young children to help develop language skills, social skills, physical strength and coordination and a positive self-image.

Trinity United Methodist 1

Trinity United Methodist

Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Serving the Lincoln community for over 140 years, Saint Paul United Methodist Church nourishes a rich history. Its doors are open to all those looking for a place to worship, study and follow the spiritual path. With services that offer both traditional and blended styles, the church is noted for its gospel choir and ensemble groups.