Christian House Sitting Service

Faith Travel Leaders here is a way you can help more people to go on a trip and enjoy the blessings.

We all know that the world is going through a period of serious international financial crisis. As a result of the financial problems naturally many people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a vacation.

This is a ‘Catch 22’ situation.

The financial pressures add to our daily stress load and that in turn makes taking a vacation even more important. Research has clearly shown that a good vacation has very significant health benefits and a faith based trip can also be of tremendous spiritual benefit as well.

So you need the vacation more than ever but you feel you can’t afford it.

You know it would be a blessing but on top of the price vacation trip itself there is the concern about your house while you are away and worries about your animals. Having the home and animals looked after can often double the cost of the vacation.

Christian House Sitters is a worldwide ministry that exists to help you in this sort of situation. By registering as a Home Owner (It is Free) you benefit from being able to leave your home and animals in the care of a Christian who you have confidence will love the animals and care for you property honestly. You have the added security of being able to ask prospective House Sitters for a reference from their Church leaders. As a result you can go away without having to worry about your home and animals.

This service has already helped many people from around the world and it is expected that as the credit crunch bites many more will benefit from this facility.

So if you feel the need to have a break but are having to watch that bank balance very carefully Christian House Sitters may well be able to help you have a far better vacation than you thought possible.

Registering as a Home Owners needing a Sitter is free and the sitter will provide their services free as well. So why do they do it? Sitters do this because in return for looking after your home and pets they get to enjoy a rent-free vacation. So everyone benefits. It really is a win-win situation where both parties save a great deal of money and can therefore benefit form a much needed break that they may otherwise have been unable to afford.

To find out more details please look at There is a contact form on the website and they are very good at replying to any questions.