2020 Religious Travel Planning Guide


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Renew Your Spirit Through Travel

Welcome to the 2020 edition of Religious Travel Planning Guide.

With religious tourism continuing to be one of the fastest-growing travel markets, more planners than ever are working with churches and other groups to develop programs with a spiritual element.

Whether you’re organizing a once-in-a-lifetime retreat or an outing to a local shrine, this issue of Religious Travel Planning Guide will be a trusted resource. Full of ideas that will help you chart your course, the guide is a valuable research tool for anyone forming tour groups from churches, synagogues and other religious organizations.

In this guide, we examine why faith-based tourism is important to both the travel industry and travelers alike; spotlight some of the country’s finest religious attractions; focus on some of the best religious retreat locations in America and discover how groups experience spiritual transformation through travel.

We hope this 10th edition of Religious Travel Planning Guide will inspire you to create meaningful travel programs for your community of faith.

Happy Traveling,

Jason Paha Managing Editor

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