Hospitality According to Ephatta

logo-EphattaFrom Ancient times, hospitality has been practiced worldwide. Responding primarily to security issues, it is natural for any traveller passing through. With the advent of Christ, Christian hospitality was born. The Lord practiced it himself during his travels. In the Gospels, he encourages us to stay with others (Mark 6: 8-11) and welcome others to stay with us (Matthew 25: 34-37). For the first time in history, hospitality became an opportunity to meet, exchange and share.

The practice of hospitality has been eroded somewhat over the centuries. In recent years, it is back with the Internet. With the economic crisis, many initiatives have tried to bring hospitality up-to-date. It has become primarily a cheaper alternative to traditional hotels, losing its spiritual dimension. It is to overcome this gap and give new meaning to hospitality that three French people created the Christian hospitality site Ephatta (

The site provides the link between people in search of temporary accommodation with people ready to welcome them. Site members welcome for different occasions (events, pilgrimages, holidays, etc.) by providing an entire house, a bedroom, a sofa or a corner of the garden to plant their tent. In the age of Web 2.0, Ephatta makes it easy to practice hospitality and enrich your faith with ease, thanks to the meeting and sharing it enable.


Christian hospitality is an adventure that is lived with everyone. When you cross the threshold of a door through Ephatta, we must above all be ready to be open to the encounter with the other, in love and respect.

Born in France in June 2015, there are already nearly 4700 members and 2000 ads in more than 60 countries. Hundreds of meetings have been held around the world.

Through this site, its creators intend to honor sharing, meeting and inviting users to open up to the world. That’s why they called “Ephatta”, which means in Aramaic, “Be opened” the word of Christ whispered to a dumb person to come out of their silence and open up to the world.

Ephatta lives on voluntary donations from its members and a team of five people is working for its realization with the help of religious institutions, associations and members of Ephatta who have become ambassadors. At a time when the relationship between men is getting weak, the site wants to gather around a practice that is at the heart of Christian spirituality, inviting its members to open their doors. Thereby reviving the pleasure of hosting is made simple.

With Ephatta you can knock on a door with just one click!