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Top 8 Renowned Religious Sites in Japan

May 22, 2018

Tokyo Temples and Shrines Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Meiji Shrine. credit Dedicated to the 122nd emperor of Japan, Meiji Shrine is located in the heart of Japan’s capital city and [...]

20 Top Pilgrimage Sites in Europe

May 22, 2018

Every year millions of people travel to see the Vatican. But Rome is not the end-all for religious tourism. Dozens of religiously significant cities and sacred shrines dot [...]

Six Fascinating French Cathedrals

December 17, 2015

The cathedrals of France are the destination of thousands of visitors and pilgrims every year, and it’s no wonder – these ancient and complex structures, as well as the [...]

8 Top Religious Theater Experiences

February 1, 2014

Examples of first-rate religious theater can be found all across America. Artfully blending music, humor and religious ministry, these performances are often immense in [...]
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