Patrick Beard Fulfills his Dream of Missionary Work

Missionary work will not only change your life, but others as well.

Missionary work will not only change your life, but others as well. From when he was young, Patrick Beard knew that he wanted to serve the less fortunate through mission trips. It all began when he watched a baby die from malnutrition. The doctor told him that just fifty cents could have saved the baby.

After hearing this, Beard took several trips to Central America to help the less fortunate, and after many unsuccessful jobs, he ended up in Ethiopia where he met Negash Gemeda. They both wanted to do more than what they were doing, so they began praying for the sick and preaching to people in the streets.

After a great family misfortune, Beard lost his money and everything he had. He was back in the United States. Beard really just wanted to be back in Ethiopia. He talked to a pastor who helped him raise money for five pastors preaching in Ethiopia. He also received a first class ticket that would get him back to Ethiopia.

Back in Ethiopia, Beard, Gemeda and a few other pastors helped Beard with his dream by giving money to Ethiopian families. Gemeda said that having faith is a big part of what makes them successful. They have helped many Ethiopians turn to God which to Gemeda is an amazing feeling.

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